How It All Began

It started with a broken computer. At 12 my dad gave me a broken computer. It was only able to type showing green text on the small screen but I quickly learned how to type my name. Fast forward a few years, I find myself always asking to play Mavis Beacon on my parents working computer! It was the most amazing form of entreatment I've seen in my tween life-graphics and sound coming from small computer.

Ms. Paint
By 9th grade it was clear that I wanted to be someone who makes "pretty" things on a computer. And I did just that through Microsoft Paint. I emerged in creating designs on the computer and would work on pictures, pixel by pixel – literally. My first designed piece was a scene of Thanksgiving.

Creative Hina LLC
Creative Hina (Hina: Creative Goddess of the night) was born in my early years at Wayne State in Detroit, MI in 2001 where I did loads of student groups graphics and work study jobs around campus. From then on, I picked up a few awards, graduated, I went on fulfilling my lifelong dream - becoming a graphic & web designer.

Outside of designing I enjoy party decorating, crafts, vegan foods, and practicing Capoeira. Apart from raising my young son and daughter with my husband, I'm busy freelancing and creating. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Wayne State University, worked 10 years in corporate design and am certified in viral content marketing.

Let's Chat

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